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I adore traveling, so sometimes a thematic article pops up, to which I pay attention. For fun, for inspiration. The one who aroused my curiosity wrote about a trip to Morocco. This would not have been anything special if the author had not chosen random people for his journey to travel with. They had not seen each other until the departure, and than they spent a week full of great fun together.

“This I’d like to explore”, I thought. A man who is arid after the covid, no new contacts, no journeys … such an adventure will bring all of it in one. In addition, I caught myself in a period which shows whether I will be an active dad who is full of energy and ideas, who is still a bit of a boy, or a “father”.

So I found a group of fellow travelers on FB. Many of my friends were members, which means a certain quality. I placed an ad where I honestly confessed that without looking for an affair, I miss a bunch of nice people. Maybe it was the feeling of security that no one would chase the girls that caused a decent response. But only among girls. So it was necessary to have a second round of advertising saying “I’m going on a trip with ten girls, does a guy want to join?” This, of course, caused a thrill among the men. An interesting finding: even though it is not really a dating event, everyone is interested in the energy of the opposite sex. This is probably the one that is speculated about when it comes to male-female friendships. The one which is a need, causes jealousy, attracts people without destroying anything.

The organization of the event was simple, but still tough. All trips that came afterwards reminded me why any work with people is so challenging. At the same time, however, it rewards a person with joy, knowledge, a sense of belonging and interest. There are already over 40 of us – therapists, scientists, gardeners, gamblers, ITs, merchants, people who have made great confessions, found love among themselves, overcome the fear of heights, skates who have had a royal fun, amused others… and we will continue to do so in various constellations. We can rarely afford to be ourselves.

And why am I writing about it? It is a new, important chapter of my life. It fulfills my need to be surrounded with great people. I had to meet look for this occasion, it wouldn’t find me on its own. Some wondered how a married man had such a hobby. It’s because I feel that these events make me richer, which I can bring to my family, to my partnership. My Verunka is more tolerant than many women with whom we would hardly be in harmony. For that, I indirectly bring her joy and stories. I give something to people in the group and I also take something. Having a richer partner can be rewarding for some.

In any case, we are all responsible for our own happiness. Maybe this reading will push you a little bit to follow your dreams. I keep my fingers crossed for that.