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Festival for Women

Festival for Women

Women are fragile, passionate beings. I love you and I want to see you bloom. I like men too. When I am sufficiently conscious and attentive, I notice that it´s another energy.

I met few men at this festival. I was especially impressed by one encounter – a boy who did not like me at first sight. And I know why, we managed to share that in this open environment. He told me that he actually projected his fears of women into me. You would be surprised what men hide. We guys are not invulnerable.

And finally we ended up the only one dancing with a crowd of women to the rhythms of drums and fun 🙂

Why am I writing this post – one of the presentations was titled “What Men Crave”. The hall was packed with women eager to know how to give happiness to their partners. I wanted to experience the energy of women who hope to give more devotion to us men and to get that way to their own satisfaction.

You can guess hundreds of times what real wisdom all girls and women found out: Every man longs for a real Woman. Every child wants a real mother. That is what you can do for us. Be yourself, think of your happiness, your femininity, your joy. This can only stir up the Men in us.