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Lively body

Lively body

And what have you done for yourself lately? Maybe even more for your surroundings. I have to say that having a means on relief, prevention, first aid … not bad. Of course, I’m not saying that after one course I’m a master of the field. Nevertheless, I learned the following basic knowledge, which I am happy to share with you:

  • I am usually the skeptical one, I have to touch things before I believe them. Although reflexology is not an accredited method, I have seen with my own eyes that a few experienced touches can really help, even bring an euphoria.
  • Walk barefoot whenever you can. Not only the feet you make happy, but you benefit the whole body – the liver, spleen, heart, pancreas, intestines, spine …
  • You can either entrust yourself to an expert or simply practice intuitively – whenever you take someone’s feet and do something with them, it is happening. For someone who has at least a little developed intuition, it may be a shame to be bound by the rules, yet a few recommendations for you: “kind intrusive” pressure and rhythm on the individual spots of the feet. When the point shows some pain, it may be a signal that there is something wrong with the relevant organ. Reflexology not only diagnoses but also heals. Pressure stimulates, stroking dampens.
  • It is good to use additionally the power of herbs – do not use any for more than 42 days. Be careful with herbs, before going through the woods and being guided by intuition.

You may be wondering why I talk about this topic on my website at all. We all know to some extent that the body reflects what is going on inside us. Most problems are of psychosomatic origin. Especially in today’s special time, it is more important not to address only the consequence, but the real cause.

All demonstrators in this course reported very painful points at various parts of the feet. During reflexological stimulation, the pain subjectively decreased, for example from 10/10 to 3/10. However, in order to get rid of the remaining sensitivity completely, the head and feelings had to be involved. Mr. Patyak asked what could be causing the pain. After forgiveness and acceptance, like the wave of a magic wand, that the pain really disappeared completely.

So it is a magic circle – the head hurts the body, the harmonization of the body can help the head. Great to know.

Playing with clouds goes to a certain limit without consequences. At the same time, if the body can help us get back on track, why not help ourselves a little?