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What Women Want

What Women Want

“It is better to burn than to extinse”, I must often remind myself. It’s a fairly common thing that’s happening all around. Have you noticed? If so, you’re probably a little special.

Are you sparkling? At least here and there?

Such a topic, I would say, is more typical for women. We guys are kind of straightforward, we’re not so much into inner world. Physiological, simple, powerful… But the female nitro is like a pilgrimage. Colourfulness and variety, up and down, sweet cotton candy with a sausage and mustard. No wonder the occasional head ache:).

I recently made an interview with a nice editor (https://promenazeny.cz/klic-ke-stesti/). “What does my female client really want?”, it was an interesting topic for reflection. I have felt that I can offer more to women in my practise than to men. Usually you don´t come on time go to me. You’ve suppressed that gentle inner voice for so long, because listening to it is not that fancy these days. So that your physical part gets heard. At least the body can pull the rescue brake and give you the needed signal. Something must happen, right?!

Relationship. Some things start in that and lot of them end. If you sacrificed a piece of yourself… We guys like to take what you give to us. You’re the only one responsible for your happiness!!!

You may be bound by inertia, you continue to be confident, you’re finding excuses on the others… But at the same time you desperately desire the change! Let’s talk about it. You will answer your own questions, not me. Maybe you’ll have to adapt. Or you will get the power to change things within your relationship. Or you can free yourself, though you would not be brave enough to do it….

Become a lady of your life again. You are entitled to ignition, to searing intimousness, respect, liberty, new and unknown or long forgotten…

On easier topics such as life style, use of time for yourself and on your own, dropping unnecessary masks,… You can see that you can move yourself. … We can handle the graduation first, and then go to college.