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How the Session Looks Like?

On the first session we will focus on one of vital topics which matter to you and may not be working as well as you would like them to; such as relationships, career, commitment or fears.

The coaching process will be personalised, based on your current life situation. You will experience first hand what the benefits are and where in your life needs a breakthrough.

Last but not least to see if we´re a good match for each other for future work.


What to expect?

1. Be Yourself

You´re an expert of your life. You have the keys, do won´t find your answers at friends or mom´s place. You are the architect, just search within you and you´ll discover your strenghts, your talents and resources which were there all along. While staying true to who you are.

2. You Will Be Guided

By losing your way, your path sometimes becomes more clear. As a personal coach I will guide you, but not tell you what to do. I´m simply here to be your sounding board. To help you find your own voice and inner strenght which is already there – that is what I can do for you.

3. Professional end Efficient

I will guide you through the coaching process. You can simply concentrate on the actually asked questions, as the small parts of the whole puzzle. Piece by piece to create a life worth living for.

4. Turn Your Dreams into Reality

We will begin with small steps so that you see it´s possible to start achieving things. Slowly grasping your dreams by creating milestones and putting them into motion. After completing every session you will always have written down the initial steps leading to concrete actions.

5. The Presence and the Future

We will look mainly on the presence and the future instead of clinging on the past regrets and over analysing it. We´ll remove the blocks that keep creating a cycle and to move forward, finally breaking the cycle.

6. Fear of Success

Who is stopping you from getting to where you want to?

Price list

Session (60 mins) 40 EUR

Part of coaching ethical codex is that I should strive for your independence. So that you get all you need during our series and learn that all. Helps you make real changes in your life.