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Start Your New Journey

Have you ever experienced a small impulse that would affect the following days or years of your life? How does it feel to have the power? What if someone told you that maybe one phone call would start a similar avalanche?

I primarily work in Prague. If we arrange a personal meeting, it usually takes place in some nice cafes, locality per agreement. I also don´t mind jogging together, sitting in a park or arriving to your favorite, inspiring spot.

A telephone (Skype) call ca be an alternative. I suggest a personal contact, however, at least for the first meeting.

Koučování osobnosti

Price: 1.000 CZK (40 EUR) / 60 min.

Just call me. Once you have come here, it would be a pity to waste your determination. We will freely chat, you will explore the unknown and taste what you can expect. I will be happy to be here for you.

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